Victoria Priester (the whole name Petra Victoria Priester) is a slovakian singer, pianist, composer and recently also a guitar and ukulele player and accordeonist. Based in Berlin, she's perfroming as a solo perfomer under the name Victoria Priest, as well as with bands and in a collaboration with many musicians from different genres.  

She studied the Concervatory of Jaroslav Ježek in Prague, genre composition and jazz piano, earlier also classical piano and classical composition. In her compositions she went through many different genres  - classical music, jazz, popular, rock and electronic music. She also writes music for movies and theatres.

She's a leader of her band TRANSCENDECADENCE (psychedelic/post-punk) and has a band with her two sisters called The Priester Sisters (alternative pop).


Solo performer. Bands. Film & theatre. Rock. Pop. Jazz. Blues. Folklore. Classical music.