Victoria Priester (the whole name Petra Victoria Priester) is a singer, pianist, composer and recently a ukulele player and accordeonist. Based in Berlin, she's performing as a solo perfomer under the name Victoria Priest, moving between her "ungerground" songs with ukulele and "dramatic" piano songs; as well as in a collaboration with many musicians from different genres.

She studied the Concervatory of Jaroslav Ježek in Prague, genre composition and jazz piano, earlier also classical piano and classical composition. In her compositions she went through many different genres  - classical music, film music, scenic music, jazz, popular, rock and electronic music. 

Nowdays, she's leading her own band TRANSCENDECADENCE (psychedelic post-punk), she is a lead singer of the BalkanBeats SoundSystem and she's playing in a swing band with her sisters called The Priester Sisters.






Transcendecadence is the new band of Victoria Priest. Whipping ukulele and droning organ over a classic rock formation of guitar, bass and drums, breaks open Post-punk borders and adds to a new page in psychedelic music. Victoria's restraintless voice combined with extended solos and a driven, energetic band, culminates in a wild trance experience, which leaves audiences sweaty and wanting more.


The Priester Sisters

A fresh new alternative pop with the touch of psychedelic and folklore. 3 sisters with Slovakian roots started as a swing band singing in three-part harmony. Today, they are creating their original music, using their virtuosic musical skills and their gipsy hearts. 



"Punkulele" is a way through my own perception of underground music, containing humor and sarcasm along with some personal drama and catchy melodies. 
Solo act - ukulele and singing or also with a band (Transcendecadence) or various guests.



Victoria Priest Project

This is my solo act, singing and playing piano, some might reffer it to a singer-songwriter...well, maybe...
My piano songs are dramatic, nostalgic, full of love, faith, passion and my deepest sadness and desire, transformed through that black/white world into the purest satisfaction and happiness while embrasing my voice to accompany the beautiful and irreplaceable sound of piano.

Film music composer

Music for  movies, theatre, advertisements, adds...for ex. music for a Czech movie "Intimity", screenen in cinemas all over Czech Republic in 2014, music for a theather play "Dangerous Liaison" for Prague Conservatory or 3 soundtrakcs for Sprint Music Libary.

Classical composer and pianist

Classical compositnis written in my studying years berween 2008-2011, also performed by me on the paino. 

Collaboration with other musicians

As a singer and pianist, she collaborates with Berlin artists BalkanBeats SoundSystem, Roland SatterwhiteDjango LassiTolyqyn, Fanfara Kalashnikov, Viktor Kyrsuyk and more. 



Collaboration with other musicians

As a singer and pianist, she collaborates with Berlin artists Roland SatterwhiteDjango LassiTolyqyn,Viktor Kyrsuyk, Takashi Peterson and more. 



Soundtrack for a Czech movie Intimity

In 2014, I composed a music for the czech movie "INTIMITY" (dir. Ivo Macharáček), which was screened at the cinemas in Czech Republic and later on netchannel.  What can I say...the premiere was great, I felt like a...
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Dangerous Liaisons - music for a theatre

In 2013, I composed a music for a theatre inscenation of "Dangerous Liaisons" performed by students of Prague Conservatory. The premiere was in December of 2013 and it was on the program of Prague Concervatory Theatre "Na Rejdišti" for the next two years.    
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Soundtrack for Sprint Music Library

Within years 2011 and 2012 I composed three albums of film music for Sprint Music Library. The first two were released on the album "Secret Drama" (no.037), the third one is on "American Frontier" (no.047). Acoustic instrumenst, all recorded live. Just a fragrance of my classical music composing....
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